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Click on images below to see full portfolios of Easy Camera Art student work.

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Foundational Photography School: 3 Essential Lessons can be gifted to someone you love. Gift Certificates are available in $50 (towards one of three lessons) or $150 (for all three lessons). They can be redeemed for a package of 3 Camera lessons or 3 Photoshop lessons. Details below. To place your gift certificate order, email and indicate your desired certificate value.

What is the Nude Male Pose? Meditations on Athleticism (Portfolio Building Workshop, with Model Alex)

Nathan Lemieux

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What is the Male Nude Pose? with Toronto Social Group (Portfolio Building Workshop, with Model Mo)

Ana M

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What is the Male Nude Pose? with neo-classical lighting (Portfolio Building Workshop, with Model Mo)

Ana M

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Manual Exposure at The Design Exchange (Foundational Photography School)

Deb Le

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What is the Male Nude Pose? with window light (Portfolio Building Workshop, with Model Phlip Arima)

Lance G. Quan

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Manual Exposure at the CNE (Foundational Photography School)

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Exploring Shutter at Honest Eds (Foundational Photography School)

Andrea Leung

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Exploring Aperture at Kensignton Market (Foundational Photography School)

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Past Student Work

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Instructor Photos

Ice Storm

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