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Foundational Photography School: 3 Essential Lessons

Camera starts March 19 ($50 per lesson)

In 3 easy lessons (2 hours each) you will be taken step-by-step and hands-on to learn your DSLR camera’s Aperture, Shutter and Manual exposure. Each lesson builds upon the previous. The lessons take place as fun field trips. 

ISO, white balance, lenses, file formats and printing are integrated into the content of the 3 lessons. You will have all the required foundations to take captivating and technically savvy images. Click here for details and to register.

*gift certificates are also available

Lesson 01 Aperture: Sunday May 7, 1pm @ Kensington Market

Lesson 02 Shutter: Wednesday May 10, 7:30pm @ Harbourfront Centre

Lesson 03 Manual: Sunday May 14, 1pm @ Riverdale Farm

by David Pereyra

*images are by students of past workshops



PhotoShop coming soon ($50 per lesson)

In 3 fascinating lessons (2 hours each) you will learn the basics of PhotoShop. You will be taught how to correct, enhance and collage your work with PhotoShop to create striking or surreal images. Each lesson is hands-on and builds upon the previous. 

RAW and JPEG editing, exposure and contrast, cropping and tilting, healing and cloning, resizing, sharpening, lighting effects, modifying specific areas, compositing with layers, and preparing for print are covered in the 3 lessons. Click here for details.

*gift certificates are also available

Lesson 01 Correcting: @ The Green Beanery

Lesson 02 Enhancing: @ The Green Beanery

Lesson 03 Collaging: @ The Green Beanery